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 the Champions of Fate.

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PostSubject: the Champions of Fate.   Mon May 19, 2008 8:46 pm

Hi there, I'm Harre, founder and leader of the Champions of Fate kinship. We are a small but high level kinship. I was able to raid with Falstar and a few of the Knights of the White Lady last night and thought it was very well run. We are allied with the Black Heart Pirates also which opens up the end game for my kinship but we still have to resort to the LFF channel occasionally as you did last night. I would be interested in meeting with your kinship as well as the Knights of the White Lady about expanding our alliance which should give us enough players to fully man raids without resorting to the LFF channel at all. We are holding an open house at our kinship house on 5/31/08 which would be an opportunity for sharing ideas along this line unless we can meet earlier. We are located in the Cedondim area, Pel Beriod neighborhood, at 8 Haven Way. Please contact me with any questions and I hope to see you all at the kinship house on 5/31/08. It is an all day event so anytime is fine.
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the Champions of Fate.
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